Boost Your Look and Confidence with a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations continue to top the chart for plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. A breast augmentation involves the placement of implants to increase volume and improve the symmetry of your breasts. Whether you have lost fullness in your breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding or have always had small breasts, a breast augmentation is an excellent way to enhance your curves and boost your self-confidence.

Our double board-certified plastic surgeon has over 20 years of experience helping patients in the Nashville and Memphis areas achieve their body contouring goals. He is known for delivering the great results you want in the short recovery time you need. While your busy life requires minimum downtime, your budget requires affordable treatment options. With our new financing plan, breast augmentations start at $99/month*.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

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At NuBody Concepts, we know that results are important to you. We want you to love your new breasts and gain confidence from your new looks. But we also want to make sure you have a good overall breast augmentation experience from beginning to end. For any of our procedures, our number one goal is to deliver the results you desire in a way that is as safe and easy on your body as possible.

An important factor in making breast surgery easy on your body is a fast recovery. By using a combination of IV Sedation and a local anesthetic for your breast augmentation rather than general anesthesia, we keep your post-op downtime to a minimum. You will be comfortable throughout your procedure, and you will typically be back on your feet in less than a week to start enjoying your stunning new look.

You get the following benefits with a NuBody Breast Augmentation:

  • Increase the size of small breasts
  • Restore fullness of breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or after weight loss
  • Improve symmetry of breasts that are slightly disproportionate in size and shape
  • IV Sedation for a comfortable procedure
  • Reduced recovery time from 2 weeks to 3-5 days
  • Elimination of risk factors associated with general anesthesia
  • Superior results for a confident new You


Breast Augmentations starting at $99/month


Types of Breast Surgery Based on Your Individual Needs

You may consider breast surgery for a variety of reasons. Based on your specific needs, our plastic surgeon will help you determine which procedure is best suited to your body type and personal goals:

Enlarge Small Breasts

If you have small breasts and want to increase their size, you’re an ideal candidate for a breast augmentation with breast implants. During your consultation, our surgeon will meet with you to discuss your goals and help you pick out the type and size of implant best suited for you. This is the fun part!

Shape and/or Lift Breasts

If your breasts have lost their fullness—whether by going through childbirth and breastfeeding, losing a considerable amount of weight, or just as a result of gravity and time—you may benefit from a breast lift in addition to the use of implants. Or you may be happy with the fullness of your breasts but not their shape, in which case you’re a candidate for a breast lift without implants.

Reclaim Your Body After Childbirth

A Mommy Makeover by Nubody Concepts plastic surgeryIf you are dissatisfied with your tummy as well as your breasts, you may be a good candidate for the increasingly popular Mommy Makeover, in which a breast augmentation is combined with a tummy tuck, liposuction, or both.

Reduce the Size of Your Breasts

If you are unhappy with your breasts because they are too large—either naturally or because you no longer want your breast implants—we can work with you to reduce their size. We may be able to do this through a breast reduction or breast implant removal procedure.

What Type of Implant is Best for a Breast Augmentation?

One of the first questions patients ask in a breast augmentation consultation is which type of implants they should get. What choices do you have, how does each of them score in terms of safety, look, and feel, and which ones do we recommend?Hand in surgical glove holding up a breast implant | NuBody Concepts breast augmentation

Your basic choice of implant for a breast augmentation is either silicone or saline. Both are perfectly safe and FDA-approved. This means that safety doesn’t have to be a consideration for you when choosing your implant. The differences between the two have to do with the way they feel and look. Some women – and surgeons – prefer the feel of silicone as the more comparable to a natural breast. On the other hand, saline implants are easier to insert and replace, which makes them the favorite of yet other surgeons. And if overall cost is an issue, then you might give saline implants the nod, as they are generally less expensive than silicone implants.

Even within these broad categories, there are differences between implants, both in terms of firmness and shape. You may have heard of “teardrop implants” and, the latest, “gummy bear implants.” Depending on what level of firmness and shape you prefer, we will help you make an informed selection.

Ultimately, you have several choices when it comes to the right implant for a breast augmentation, and it is entirely yours to make. Our board-certified plastic surgeon is happy to discuss these choices with you and help you make the best decision for you during a personal consultation.

Reduce Body Fat and Enhance Small Breasts with NuBody Fat Transfer

If you have areas of your body with more padding than you like—say, around your tummy or thighs—you may be interested in our NuBody Fat Transfer procedure, for which we use Aqualipo® to extract fat cells from unwanted areas of your body and transfer them into your breasts for a completely natural breast enhancement. With this unique body contouring method perfected by our physicians over the years, we can safely and effectively sculpt your body exactly how you want it.

Before and after image of woman after NuBody breast augmentation with Fat Transfer

What Our Patients Say

5 star review by NuBody Concepts patient“I recently had a breast augmentation here. The staff is amazing, literally all of them. They treat you like family. Andrea the consultant was great about explaining everything. She helped me pick what size to go with. They made sure I didn’t pick something that wouldn’t fit my body and made sure my choice was proportionate to my size. Can’t wait for warmer weather to show my new girls off.”

– Brittany T., Breast Augmentation

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*Subject to credit approval and availability. Purchase must be made using the Alphaeon Credit Card Account. Alphaeon Credit Card Accounts are offered by Comenity Capital Bank which determines qualifications for credit and promotion eligibility. Account must be in good standing at the time of purchase. At no time will the minimum payment due be less than $27.00. Minimum interest charge is $2.00 per credit plan. Fixed APR 14.90%.  Standard variable APR of 28.99%, based on the Prime Rate, for all late balances. Comenity Capital Bank issues Alphaeon Credit Card Accounts which can be used with NuBody Concepts.