Brazilian Butt Lift

Get Smoother, Fuller Curves Through a Brazilian Butt Lift

At NuBody Concepts, we prefer to use your own natural fat to lift, shape and augment the buttocks, creating smoother and fuller curves. With the NaturalFill® Brazilian Butt Lift, you’ll see outstanding, long lasting results, with less medical risk, less patient downtime, and no general anesthesia.

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NaturalFill® Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Butt Implants

Compared to butt implants, NaturalFill allows more flexibility to shape and contour your buttocks exactly the way you want, leading to more personalized, natural-looking results. Many of our patients like the idea of using their own natural fat instead of introducing foreign materials into the body. When compared to more invasive surgeries, NaturalFill comes with a lower risk of infection and complications typically associated with implants.

All in all, our NaturalFill Brazilian Butt Lift method results in the most natural and sensual look of the buttock area, giving you a shapelier buttocks with a curvier profile. At NuBody Concepts we go the extra mile towards patient satisfaction.

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How Does the NaturalFill® Brazilian Butt Lift Work?

Brazilian Butt Lift techniques vary dramatically among surgeons, and the technique your surgeon uses will significantly affect your results. At NuBody Concepts, we have perfected the technique and refined the process so that you get the purest fat possible to be transferred into your buttocks. The NaturalFill Brazilian Butt Lift uses a combination of water-assisted liposuction to remove unwanted fatty areas in your body and a revolutionary fat-grafting technique to enhance the buttocks.


The Importance of Fat Quality During a Brazilian Butt Lift

There are various techniques in fat grafting, and each technique defines the quality of the fat that is retrieved. The quality of fat depends on the following:

  • Method of fat harvesting and transfer
  • Viability of individual fat cells
  • Size of the fat clusters
  • Exposure to mechanical stress (i.e. centrifugation, sheer force)
  • Exposure to air and oxygen

Step 1: Dislodge the Fat Tissue

At NuBody Concepts, we use Aqualipo® to harvest the fat needed for injection. While there are other methods in harvesting, this technique is superior as it allows for gentle water-assisted infiltration and aspiration of the fatty tissue. This method gently dislodges the fat for retrieval with the least amount of trauma and reduces the negative effect of mechanical stress to the fat cells.

Step 2: Remove the Fat

We then use specialized instruments to remove the fat. These instruments prevent the fat cells from separating, yielding cleaner and purer fat tissue. Be wary of surgeons who use centrifuges or sheer force to harvest and separate the fat. It disrupts the viability of the fat, which will limit your results. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that 90% of the fat harvested using the NuBody technique was viable quality fat.

Step 3: Transfer the Fat to the Buttocks

Once the fat is harvested, exposure to oxygen and contamination by ambient air can have very harmful effects on the fat cells. Our technique avoids these negative effects by using a closed system for harvesting and transferring. This system allows for separation of the fat from the solution while significantly reducing any unnecessary manipulation of the fat. Using specialized instruments, the fat is then transferred into the buttocks.

Where Do We Take the Fat From?

The most natural area to harvest fat for a butt lift is everything around your buttocks. We carefully sculpt your upper legs, hips, and lower back during the round of Aqualipo® you receive at the beginning of your procedure. This makes your buttocks stand out more and helps accentuate the final result.