What You’ll Get from Liposuction

NuBody Concept’s Boutique Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery for fatty areas of your body that just won’t go away. This procedure helps you to take control, to refuse to simply take things as they are. If you’re going through with traditional liposuction, great! There are numerous benefits, and you’ll love the way you’ll look after your procedure. If you’re going with a customized fat removal treatment at NuBody Concepts, you’re going with a less invasive, less difficult procedure that has additional benefits. For those who are able to have liposuction, life will begin anew as they embrace their newfound self-confidence.

All of the Medical Attention You Need

Though this is true of any surgical procedure, surgeons and doctors know that this procedure can be an emotional process. Your medical team is there for you, to help you through the process, and can assist you with any questions or any concerns. While you’re having your procedure, you will actually be awake! Your plastic surgeon may even ask you questions during your procedure to make sure that you are conscious, and responsible. Normal liposuction often involves the use of general anesthesia, which places you in a deep enough sleep that you can safely be worked on. At NuBody Concepts, we only use local anesthesia, shortening your recovery time.

Higher Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

With a shortened recovery time, you’ll spend less time in bed than you have to with traditional liposuction.  Traditional liposuction will necessitate general anesthesia because the surgeon is making larger incisions, and removing your unwanted fat with a device that can cause more tissue damage than what’s necessary. You’ll heal more quickly from a series of minuscule incisions with our approach, which uses a saline solution applied by a thin wand instead of the large metal instrument of traditional liposuction. Some patients are able to return to work in just one or two days, or just go out and about, turning heads, and feeling better than they have in years!

Boldness to Wear What You Might Not Have Before

Remember that teeny-weeny bikini that you used to love wearing? Bring that baby back out! With liposuction, you’ll have the body that you had, and the body that you want! One of the greatest advantages to having cosmetic fat-reducing surgery is the ability to have the excess skin removed. With a freshly-toned and tightened core, you will feel better than you have since you were a teen, and look better than ever! So go ahead, buy that little black dress and matching heels, pull out that crop top, and rock those low-riding jeans! You deserve it!

Energy Like You Used to Have

Even though fat is technically your body’s way of storing energy, stubborn fat around our midsections can actually weigh us down, and give us less energy. Making matters worse, sometimes, exercise and diet just aren’t enough to get rid of our belly fat. Having that fat flushed out with liposuction is the best way for you to get rid of that fat, and take out a new lease on life.

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