What is Included in the Cost of a Breast Augmentation?

If you are thinking about getting a breast augmentation, cost shouldn’t be the only factor. You’ll want to make sure that you are ready for elective surgery. You want to find a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with. And you’ll want to inform yourself about the type of breast surgery that will work best for you. But eventually, you will start researching and comparing the cost of a breast augmentation. We have put together some information that is meant to help you understand it better.

Breaking Down the Cost of a Breast Augmentation

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a breast augmentation was $3,718 in 2017.

But this is only a starting point. When you talk to your plastic surgeon or perhaps research several cosmetic surgery practices, you can certainly use this as a baseline for your assessment. But it’s important to know that you may not be comparing apples to apples.

The average number listed above does not include anesthesia, operating room costs, or other related expenses. It is only a base fee for the procedure, which will vary depending on which part of the country you are in (the coasts typically being more expensive), the doctor’s experience, the type of implants, etc. Most doctor’s offices will then add various fees to this base cost when billing you for the procedure.

When you ask for a breast augmentation quote, you need to make sure you know what is included and what isn’t.

All-Inclusive Breast Augmentation: No Hidden Fees

But not all doctor’s offices operate this way. At NuBody Concepts, we understand that you are on a budget. We make it our goal to offer affordable breast augmentation to all our patients, and to make it easy and transparent for you to budget. For this reason, we will always quote you a price that is your full cost. Breast augmentations at NuBody Concepts are all-inclusive. There are no separate fees for the surgeon, no anesthesia costs, no hospital fees, no add-on medical tests.  We simply have no hidden fees whatsoever. This is true for all our plastic surgery services, not only breast augmentations.

That doesn’t mean that each breast augmentation costs the same. To receive a quote for an all-inclusive breast augmentation at NuBody Concepts, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation with our double board-certified plastic surgeon. Starting prices for our breast augmentations are $5,900 for saline implants and $6,900 for silicone implants (including “gummy bear” implants). Your quote may differ from that based on factors like body type, placement under or above the muscle, and whether you require a lift as well as an implant. But you can rest assured that the quote you’ll receive is your final price.

Is Your Plastic Surgeon Upfront With All Fees?

When you do your research into the cost of a breast augmentation at different practices, make sure you ask about additional fees. Insist on receiving an all-inclusive quote or a detailed list of estimated add-on fees. These could include:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or “surgical facility” costs
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Fees for medical tests
  • Price of post-surgery garments

Don’t Pay for Extra Luggage

If a practice makes you a great offer, like one that’s close to the national average of $3,718 or even below, it is highly likely that many of these fees aren’t included. That is just how the medical field operates. But we believe that this isn’t fair to the patient, even if it’s always been done that way. At NuBody Concepts, we believe in transparency. We want our patients to know what to expect, both in terms of results and price. We like to think that we are the Southwest Airlines of plastic surgery – we don’t charge extra for “luggage” or any kind of other service.

If you like the idea of an all-inclusive price for your breast augmentation without worry of hidden fees, we hope that you’ll give NuBody Concepts a call. In addition to offering affordable breast augmentation in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, we have also partnered with medical financing providers to allow for interest-free financing of your procedure. These plans start at $99/month for saline implants and $149/month for silicone implants.

We hope that we have helped you clear up the mystery surrounding breast augmentation cost so that you can focus on achieving the body you’ve always wanted!


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