How Traditional Liposuction Has Evolved For Patients

Traditional liposuction has been around for a few decades, and the effectiveness is usually very dependent on the skill of a surgeon. Over the years, a demand developed for less invasive but just as effective ways to surgically remove fat from the body. Now, there are different type of liposuction available to patients for fat removal beyond the scalpel. For stubborn fat, patients can choose between procedures like Smartlipo, which uses non-invasive lasers to rupture fat cells, Aqualipo, which uses the power of water to wash away the fat, and regular liposuction, which is the best option for patients that have more than twenty to thirty pounds of fat to lose. Want to know which procedure is right for you? Here’s the lowdown on the three different types of liposuction and what they can do for you.

Advancements In Liposuction

Speaking in general, over the last few decades there have been tremendous advancements in the medical field that have made every form of surgery, plastic or otherwise, much safer for patients. This applies to not only the precision of medical professionals, but also the method in which certain objectives (in this case, fat removal) are being approached.


Overall, the advantages of 30 years of improvements have been that more fat cells can more easily be removed, with less blood loss, less discomfort, and less risk. If you only have a small amount of stubborn fat to lose to make your weight loss dreams a reality, a minor incision mixed with a laser that can rupture fat cells is the most clinically efficient and non-invasive way to get your body to the place you want for it to be.  Smartlipo is one of the newest, most innovative solutions to surgical fat loss.

Regular Liposuction

Do you need to lose a ton of weight, and nothing seems to help? Are you constantly exercising and dieting without any results? You’re going to need a full-on liposuction surgery to get the body of your dreams. Ask your doctor if liposuction is a viable solution to your weight loss needs and get started on your journey to feel comfortable in your own skin today.


Are you looking for a procedure without general anesthesia, low medical risk, minimal recovery time, minimal trauma to connective tissue, only minor bruising and swelling, and long-term results? Aqualipo uses the power of water to gently flush away the fat. The best benefit of Aqualipo is that there is minimal damage to connective tissue inside of your body, which is a common problem with most liposuction procedures. With Aqualipo, you get the body fat removal that you want, with a short recovery time, so you can get back to living your life.

Choosing The Best Method For Your Liposuction

Do you only need to lose about twenty to thirty pounds, and are concerned about recovering from surgery after an operation? Smartlipo might be the solution for you. For patients that only have to lose that stubborn last amount of weight, this procedure can use a small incision and a laser to melt the fat, instead of the hassle of a full-blow surgery. Even better, combine both SmartLipo and water-based liposuction i.e. Aqualipo to get the most benefits from each technique.

If you have more than thirty pounds to lose, a regular liposuction procedure with a full-on surgery is the best bet for you. All of the procedures are safe, and will get you on your way to having the body of your dreams.

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