The Cosmetic Procedure No One Wants to Talk About: Female Rejuvenation

What is nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation? Pregnancy, childbirth, aging – all of these take a toll on a woman’s body. For years, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and more recently, so-called mommy makeovers have been among the most popular plastic surgery procedures to address these issues. But there is another area of a woman’s body that undergoes drastic change over time: the vagina. As women age and undergo hormonal changes, they can suffer from a weakened vaginal wall, loss of lubrication and sexual satisfaction, and even mild incontinence. [...]

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NEW: Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation at NuBody Concepts

Regain Pleasure and Confidence in your Body without Surgery As the female body changes due to aging or the transformation brought on by childbirth, many women become frustrated with their altered appearance, such as added pounds around the midsection and sagging breasts. But for many women, an aging or post-baby body presents another challenge. Vaginal dryness, sagging of the vaginal lips, decreased sensitivity, and occasional mild incontinence are all common problems for women who have been pregnant or those going through menopause. Even younger women and women [...]

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