NuBody Concepts Spotlight Patient Joanne after her Breast Augmentation
03 March 2017

March Spotlight: Joanne

This month we welcome Joanne as our Spotlight Patient.

Joanne, even though she’s “never been self-conscious” about her appearance, had a simple goal: Increase the size of her breasts because they’d become deflated after breast-feeding her child.

The decision to have a breast augmentation was easy for her, and she knew precisely which doctor she would choose:

“Dr. Greco, of course. I’ve worked hand in hand with him for a while now so I’ve seen first-hand how amazing his work is.”

As a Registered Nurse at NuBody Concepts, Joanne, who goes by Jo among the staff and her friends, has perhaps more insight into Dr. Joseph Greco’s work than most anyone else. She says she would absolutely recommend NuBody Concepts to anyone “not because I work here but because we have amazing physicians.” And it’s not just about the results, which of course were important to her. She will tell anyone considering breast surgery that it’s all about trust and feeling 100% comfortable with what you are about to do.

“You won’t find another group of physicians with better bedside manner. They do a great job at letting you know you’re in great hands.”

This doesn’t mean she was less nervous at the thought of being sedated than any other patient would be. It is perhaps the number one concern among women – and men – considering cosmetic surgery. Even though Jo has a chance to observe it every day, she was surprised how easy it was.

“Stuart [CRNA at NuBody Concepts] is great at what he does. I woke up thinking we hadn’t started yet and we were finished. I woke up feeling no pain, just a little sleepy.”

“Waking up,” in her case, meant coming out of IV sedation, the method used during all NuBody surgeries. It carries less risk and offers a faster recovery than general anesthesia. Jo was back at work within six days of her surgery, and says after three days she was able to replace her prescription pain medication with Ibuprofen and Tylenol for the remnant soreness.

And how does she feel about her new look, we asked?

She absolutely loves it.

“Dr. Greco has a great eye for what size will look perfect and proportionate for patients. I really trusted his judgement and couldn’t be happier. My new girls are perfect!”


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