Big Bang for your Buck: An Affordable Makeover with Eyelash Extensions and Microblading

It’s a known fact that when you look better, you feel better. And feeling good about yourself is one of the main ingredients to a happy life.

But to look better, don’t I have to invest in time-intensive and expensive body contouring or plastic surgery?

Not necessarily. A facial enhancement treatment like eyelash extensions or microblading can go a long way towards making you look young and sexy on a low budget.

The Powder Room Makeover

Let’s step away from your body for a bit and look at another object most of us are very familiar with: Our house. You might know the feeling. Your house or apartment needs an upgrade – floors resurfaced, walls painted, kitchen counters replaced. But you have neither time nor money to give it the full makeover it needs. Does that mean you have to live in shabby and unpresentable digs?

Enter the powder room project. You select a new color to paint the walls, you install a more modern mirror over the sink, and you buy some cute accessories like mason jar soap dispensers and color-matching towels to complete the new look. Your powder room is just small enough to limit the scope of work and yield quick results, and it gives you endless joy whenever you enter it throughout the day and take in the attractive new look. What’s more, most visitors will immediately spot your handiwork and compliment you on your entire house.

It’s exactly the same when you focus on a few small areas of your body. A great powder-room sized facial enhancement target: your eyelashes and eyebrows. It doesn’t take much to enhance the look of your lashes and brows, but it can change the entire look of your face. As a bonus, you save a lot of time every day when no longer painstakingly applying makeup every morning.

Eyelash Extensions for longer, fuller, and curvier lashes

For centuries, long and full eyelashes have been associated with femininity and beauty. Long eyelashes can make your eyes look wider and more youthful and complement your entire face. But unfortunately, it is mostly young children who seem to be blessed with this feature, whereas many women are often unhappy with the length and thickness of their eyelashes. If you belong in this camp, you probably rely on false eyelashes or applying mascara every day to achieve the look you desire. Why not opt for a more permanent solution in the form of eyelash extensions?

This is how it works: During an eyelash extension service, your aesthetician applies lash extensions to your existing eyelashes using a semi-permanent glue. Because the lashes are applied individually, a session takes from one to three hours. Results are immediate and can last up to three months with proper care and touch-ups.

Each type of lash is available in a variety of curls, lengths, and thicknesses. Picking the right kind of lash is sort of like selecting knew knobs for your kitchen cupboards – they are small accents but immediately draw the eye.

Microblading for fuller and more defined eyebrows

While eyelash extensions rely on the addition of actual hair – even if it is fake hair – to increase volume, microblading does no such thing. Even though it is sometimes also called eyebrow embroidery, in reality it is simply a paint job.

This is how it works: Using a small blade, your aesthetician tattoos small feathery strokes into the skin of your eyebrows to either fill them in or give them a more defined outline. A skillful technician can make it look so real it’s indistinguishable from the real hair in your eyebrows.

One microblading session lasts approximately two hours. You should be wary if anyone promises faster service. All works of art require patience and a skilled hand, and a good eyebrow enhancements is certainly a work of art, as color needs to be matched and stroke orientation replicated to achieve a natural look. The results are visible immediately and can last up to three years

Both microblading and eyelash extensions are among the most popular new facial enhancement treatments without much fuss or expense. If you have thinning or uneven eyebrows or short stumpy eyelashes, and if you’re tired of spending so much time in front of the mirror every morning filling in all the gaps, then microblading and eyelash extensions are just the thing for you.

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