Hair Transplant for Women: An Effective Solution to Hair Loss

Hair loss doesn’t discriminate based on gender. Women are just as likely to experience hair thinning or loss—whether due to genetic factors or environmental ones—as their male counterparts. But, historically, society has been more accepting of men losing their hair than women. This could be because men with bald heads or little hair are often viewed as more attractive than women who are bald or have visibly thinning hair.

Interestingly enough, society has also been more accepting of men turning to a hair transplant as a solution. Women, on the other hand, often turn to supplements, wigs, hair extensions, and the like to cover their embarrassing hair loss. Not only can these solutions get expensive and tedious, but they are only masking the problem—not solving it.

We’d like to change that stigma and let women know that there is another option—and a permanent one at that: a hair transplant. The hair transplant is a very effective option to help both men and women regrow their own hair. At NuBody Concepts, we have helped thousands of men and women grow their hair and their confidence with an advanced hair transplant method known as NeoGraft.

What is a NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

First used in the early 2000s and perfected over the past couple of decades, the NeoGraft hair transplant is an alternative to the traditional, more invasive methods of hair restoration. When compared to earlier methods, NeoGraft offers patients a less invasive, more natural looking, and cost effective way to regrow their own hair.

Benefits of NeoGraft Over Other Methods

Women of all ages have been struggling with hair loss for centuries. And until recently, they had few viable options to mask or solve their problems. Some of the most common methods and treatments women like you have tried include:

  • Wigs or hair extensions
  • Hair supplements
  • Creams and other topical treatments
  • Hair transplants using the traditional strip method

And while each of these may have been a breakthrough at the time of its creation, the NeoGraft hair transplant provides a much more permanent, effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution. When compared to the first three, NeoGraft is proven to help patients restore their hair and their confidence. Instead of hiding your hair loss under a hat or a wig or adding a cream or pill to your routine, NeoGraft can help solve your problem after just one session.

When compared to the strip method (also known as follicular unit transplantation [FUT]), NeoGraft offers the following advantages:

  • No staples or stitches—for increased comfort and safety
  • A less invasive procedure—because individual follicles are selected
  • No unsightly linear scars—because of smaller, precise grafts
  • A faster recovery time—with most resuming normal activities within 3 days
  • A lower overall cost—because of advanced technology and decades of experience

Interested in learning more about how a NeoGraft hair transplant can restore both your hair and your confidence? Contact us with your questions, or visit our Hair Doctor site to request a free hair transplant quote.

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