Does Laser Liposuction Work?

The use of laser technology in modern medicine is as close to magic as you can get.

If someone had told doctors a hundred years ago that it’s possible to improve someone’s eyesight permanently with a routine procedure, they would have gaped in wonderment. Varicose veins, kidney stones, the entire prostate – the list of things that can be removed or fixed using laser energy is long. And yes, it also helps in slimming down your body.

Lasers in Medicine: More Precise & Faster Recovery

Did you know that LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation? We didn’t either until Googling it just now. A laser is essentially a beam of light. But in addition to chasing a kitten around the house for hours, it has an even greater benefit: It can cut, burn, or destroy tissue. And because it is so small and precise, it can be used to treat the tiniest area without damage to the surrounding area. As a bonus, recovery time after a laser treatment is usually much faster than after open surgery.

In fat removal, the use of laser technology provides one overriding benefit: it can tighten the skin as well as destroying and removing the underlying fat. Especially for women over the age of 40, skin tightening becomes increasingly important.

But laser liposuction also has its limitations. Large amounts of fat are often better eliminated with more powerful means, such as traditional or water-based liposuction. This is why laser liposuction – one commonly-used method is called SmartLipo – works best when paired with these other methods. The first round of liposuction targets the bulk of the fat, breaking it down and flushing it out of the body. The next round of laser liposuction can then be used to reach smaller pockets of fat, or fat in areas that might otherwise bruise too much, and to tighten the skin in all treated areas.

Choosing a Provider Based on Outcomes vs Technology

All too often, plastic surgeons will only perform one or the other method of liposuction, simply because they prefer to rely on one technology alone. But do you really need to go to two different providers – first to remove your fat, and then to get your skin tightened?

At NuBody Concepts, we have taken a slightly different approach from the start. It has always been our goal to help patients achieve a specific outcome. We understand that you don’t really care about what it’s called, as long as it can help you get rid of that pesky belly fat that is so stubbornly resistant to all the dieting and exercising you have done for the last five years.

This is why we customize our liposuction procedure to your specific needs and make sure we incorporate new technologies as they emerge. We’ve performed liposuction on over 7,000 patients, and it remains the most effective minimally-invasive solution to all-around fat removal.

Sure, a tummy tuck is a fool-proof way to make your tummy flat, and our plastic surgeons have performed them on many patients. But a tummy tuck requires open surgery, and not all patients are ready for that. Understanding how a patient wants to balance invasiveness and outcome is a key to getting the best results.

After Lasers: Radio Frequency Assisted Technology

Another key to patient results is to balance the use of true and trusted with emerging technologies. While lasers in medicine might pack a powerful punch, we have recently seen even better results with the use of radio frequency assisted technologies such as BodyTite, Exilis, or ThermiTight.

Again, the best results can be achieved when these are combined with the more traditional forms of liposuction. But if you’ve already had your fat removed and are unhappy about the flabby skin it left behind, we can help.

If you’re looking for just a laser liposuction provider, you have many options. If what you really want is a flatter tummy, toned arms, or a better-defined jawline, come to NuBody Concepts.

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