For American women, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular plastic surgery procedure. And not only that, you now have options like never before. Here are some of the new trends in breast surgeries and Mommy Makeovers:

Gummy Bear Implants for a Tasteful Shape

For instance, an exciting new breast implant called “gummy bear” implant has made some women consider breast surgery for the first time. If you’ve previously been turned off by the telltale full and rounded-top look of a classic breast augmentation, gummy bear implants might be just the thing for you. They have a tear drop shape that resembles the natural shape of the breast better than traditional implants. And they have a different, slightly firmer silicone filling that better retains their shape. You might think of them as the breast equivalent of a memory foam mattress vs a spring-loaded one. With gummy bear implants, you run little risk of being outed for having fake boobs!

Of course, you can always combine breast implants – no matter what kind – with a natural fat transfer procedure. Or you can even forego the implants altogether for a simple breast lift. Fat transfer allows you to get a two-for-one benefit by reducing your waistline with liposuction and then using those fat cells as a filler for your breasts. If you don’t like the idea of implants and are just looking for a fuller shape of your breast, liposuction with fat transfer may be perfect for you. Obviously, it’s also less invasive than surgery.

Get Creative With a Mommy Makeover

Another procedure that more and more women like to pair with a breast augmentation is a tummy tuck. In this so-called Mommy Makeover, your surgeon combines breast surgery with an abdominoplasty to remove excess skin from your tummy for a slimmer, tighter look. Even if you work hard to get your body back after pregnancy and childbirth, you may only be able to achieve your desired look by having surgery.

A tummy tuck itself comes in different forms as well. There is your mini tummy tuck with a smaller incision that focuses mainly on tightening the skin of the lower abdomen. If your muscles have been damaged or split during pregnancy, or if you have a lot of excess skin after extreme weight loss, you may opt for a standard tummy tuck instead. Either of those procedures can be combined with liposuction for an even slimmer and better contoured look.

While you can have a breast augmentation or tummy tuck at any time, waiting until after you are done having children is the perfect time for a Mommy Makeover. Why not reward yourself for all the Mommy duty with an amazing new body you can be proud to show off to the world? Don’t just give your children gummy bears for treats – think about treating yourself to some brand new gummy bear implants all of your own!

If you have any questions about any of the above procedures, contact your plastic surgeon and request a consultation.

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