Body Jet: Well Made European Technology to Make You Look Great

Do you remember the Seinfeld Episode where Jerry carries around a “man-purse” and keeps telling people “It’s European!” so as not to look like a geek? It was so funny because it was also true. Call something European and it’s considered cool, avant-garde, and top-of-the-line. There are European cars, European shampoos, European wax treatments, and I wouldn’t bake a cake without my European kitchen appliances. Many great products were developed in Europe, and we trust them like no other to work well and look great.

It’s Not a Purse – It’s European!

In case you didn’t know this already: Liposuction is also a European invention; so is the Body Jet, a machine widely used in liposuction. And as plastic surgeons we’ve seen time and again that liposuction works well and looks great. Body Jet liposuction is the Miele vacuum cleaner of body contouring.

A Brief History of Liposuction

The history of liposuction traces back to the 1920s when a French doctor named Charles Dujarier first experimented with fat removal and body contouring. It didn’t garner much interest until the 1970s, however, when a father-son team of gynecologists in Italy, Arpad and Giorgio Fischer, created what’s called the “blunt tunneling method” to remove fat from the body using a hollow cannula.

If the word liposuction has any negative connotations for anyone, they probably stem from this method popularized in the 1980s. Fortunately, liposuction has evolved away from this fairly rough and physical approach, and modern liposuction looks nothing like it.

The revolution came about by discovering that the power of water could be used much more effectively to remove fat from the body. It was another team of Frenchmen, Yves-Gerard Illouz and Pierre Fournier, who took liposuction to the next level by injecting a saline solution into the fat before removal. They then further improved this “wet technique” by adding the local anesthetic lidocaine to the solution. They also realized that using several small incision sites worked much better for an even, toned outcome than just one or two. Another tweak in improving body contouring outcomes was to add post-operative compression to the treated areas to help shape the suctioned tissue.

Liposuction Today

A few smaller tweaks produced the tumescent technique widely used today, a method that allows patients to have liposuction performed entirely under local anesthesia. The Body Jet technology has perfected the tumescent method of water liposuction like no other, using a much smaller cannula than previously possible. Liposuction remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States, precisely because it is only minimally-invasive and requires no general anesthesia.

The “gentle” power of water unleashed a revolution in liposuction and body contouring. Not only did it ensure better results for fat removal, it also opened up entirely new procedures that utilized the harvested fat to further contour the body in other areas, like for instance your hands or even your face.

The Liposuction Revolution Continues

The revolution in liposuction hasn’t ended with water liposuction. More recently, the introduction of laser technology has allowed doctors to reach smaller, more stubborn areas of fat, and to achieve a tighter and more evenly-toned skin. Ultrasonic liposuction is another area plastic surgeons believe can further improve how liposuction is used for body contouring. Not every new technology will be effective, but there are still more advances to be made in the world of body contouring. An experienced plastic surgeon will use several proven liposuction tools at his disposal to make sure that you receive the best possible results tailored to your individual circumstance. The goal is to give you a new body and new confidence with as little downtime and discomfort as possible.

Liposuction, and especially Body Jet Liposuction, is much more than just a fashionable purse. But just like you can say it’s a good purse because it’s European, you can be sure that when you choose European-developed liposuction, you’re getting one of the best.

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