8 Laser Lipo FAQs and Answers

Those struggling with unwanted or stubborn body fat often turn to liposuction as a way to reclaim their figure and their confidence. One such method is laser lipo, often performed under the name Smartlipo.

Because laser lipo is a relatively new treatment, you may have questions about how it works and whether or not it would be a great option for your needs. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about laser lipo.

1. How does laser lipo work?

One of the first laser-based liposuction treatments, laser lipo involves a tiny laser fiber (about the size of a hair) that is inserted into the skin. The laser fiber then gets moved back and forth, delivery energy into the fat cells so they can be drained away. The laser also interacts with the skin to help promote shrinkage and tightening—for an overall slimmer, more contoured look.

2. Is laser lipo safe?

The word “laser” may be intimidating to some, but laser lipo is a safe and gentle procedure. Smartlipo, for example, is an FDA-approved procedure that eliminates the need for cutting and tearing away of fat (as in traditional liposuction). Because of its gentle nature, laser lipo can be performed without general anesthesia.

3. How long does the treatment take?

The laser lipo treatment, itself, should take less than an hour. However, we recommend laser lipo in combination with Aqualipo (water-powered liposuction) for the best results. This could

4. Which areas of the body can be treated with laser lipo?

Laser lipo can be effective at eliminating fat from problem areas like your midsection, arms, thighs, arms, chin, and more.

5. What kind of results can I expect to see?

You and your doctor can discuss your problem areas and goals for the procedure. Each person can expect to see personalized results—depending on your body makeup and your goals. Your doctor will be able to give you a better idea of what results are realistic and possible.

6. How soon will I see results?

Many patients start seeing results after just one treatment. You may experience some swelling in the days to follow, as your body recovers from the changes. Within a few days to a week, you should start seeing real results!

7. Where does the removed fat go?

The fat removed during laser lipo will be burned off just like during a normal metabolic process (for example, digesting or working out). When you have a laser lipo procedure done in combination with Aqualipo, the fat will be suctioned out and drained using a gentle machine.

8. Will the weight stay off after the treatment?

Contrary to what you may have heard, the weight is not going to come back in a different area or grow right back. That being said, if you want to maintain your new figure, you should plan to maintain a balanced diet and incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle.

Interested in Smartlipo, Aqualipo, or another fat-reducing treatment? Give us a call to schedule a consultation at our Nashville or Memphis location. We’ll go over your individual concerns as well as your goals and expectations for the procedure. From there, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to help you look and feel better than ever.

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