3 Benefits of a NeoGraft Hair Transplant

If you’ve been plagued by hair loss or balding, you’ve probably started doing some research on how to slow down, reverse, or mask the problem. From shampoos and creams, to magic pills, to hats, to wigs and toupées, to medical procedures, there seems to be a new solution everywhere you look.

Among these solutions, the hair transplant procedure is ideal for long-lasting, natural results—as it is designed to regrow your own natural hair. But even with this solution, you have choices. The biggest of these is whether to go with the FUT (strip method) or FUE method.

NeoGraft (FUE) is an advanced, precise hair transplant method that has become widely popular in recent years. When compared to the traditional strip method (also known as FUT), NeoGraft is the obvious choice.

Here are three proven advantages.

1. The NeoGraft hair transplant eliminates the need for an unsightly linear scar.

For years, the only available hair transplant method was the strip method (FUT). This involved cutting a strip of hair (with the follicles attached) from a donor area and reattaching it elsewhere on the scalp. The problem with this method—which is still practiced by some doctors—is that it results in an insightly linear scar. This can not only look unappealing, but it may prevent the hair in growing in a natural direction.

In comparison, NeoGraft allows for donor hairs to be taken out in very small clusters. This eliminates the linear scar and allows for much more precise placement in the new areas. As a result, you’re left with a much more natural looking head of hair.

2. When compared to other methods, the hair transplant is a fast and comfortable procedure.

The NeoGraft hair transplant is a much less invasive procedure than other hair transplant methods. Because of this and its precise nature, it can be completed in a few hours. And the entire procedure and recovery time can be made much more comfortable with the assistance of IV sedation and local anesthesia.

3. NeoGraft is a more affordable hair transplant procedure.

When it comes to surgical procedures, general anesthesia can add a significant cost to the price tag. Because the NeoGraft hair transplant is less invasive, it can be performed without the use of general anesthesia. This, in turn, helps it become a much more affordable procedure than other methods.

Despite the many disadvantages, many hair replacement doctors still use the strip method. We care greatly about our patients’ comfort and satisfaction, which is why we only perform hair transplant services using the NeoGraft method. Currently in its 4th generation, NeoGraft has been used across the globe in tens of thousands of treatments.

Ready to reclaim a full head of hair and your confidence? Give us a call to learn more about the NeoGraft hair transplant. We’d love to schedule a consultation to go over your specific concerns and goals—and put you one step closer to your desired appearance.

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