side by side before and after photos of a womans tummy tuck procedure transformation-tuck-9 front

This 56 year old active mother of two children and two grandchildren felt that her body did not have the look consistent with her vibrant personality. Here she is 5 months after her Tummy Tuck at Nubody Concepts. She could not be more ecstatic with her results.

side by side before and after photos of a womans tummy tuck procedure transformation-tuck-9 front

This mother in her late 20s was very much into fitness and had strong abdominal muscles. However, because of her otherwise tiny frame, she had significant separation of the abdominal muscles and very stretched-out skin. After a tummy tuck you can once again see her fit abdominal contour, and all her stretch marks are gone.

Tummy Tuck 10 - Before and After 3 Side by Side Views Black Underwear

This 35 year old mother of two felt that the skin and muscles of her tummy were "destroyed" by pregnancy. She was an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck. She was ecstatic with the results, gained her confidence back, and was more than excited to wear a bikini again.


This mother of two in her late 30s had regained her commitment to fitness in the previous years and lost almost 100 pounds through diet and exercise, but was left with very loose, hanging skin. She also had widened muscles (diastasis) from her pregnancy. She was sure she would never wear a bikini again, but she was wrong and now happily sports various new swimsuits. After photo taken 3 months post-surgery. The incision - slightly wavy due to her activity level - will become a thin white line after further healing.


This woman in her late 40s never had children but had always struggled with her weight. She was very unhappy with her stomach hanging down like a "pouch" (as she called it). She and her husband are ecstatic with her new tummy.

Tummy Tuck 07 - Before and After Side by Side Black and White Underwear

This 50-year old mother of three, with incredible skin for her age, struggled with the classic changes after pregnancy: loose, stretched skin; widened abdominal muscles; non-aesthetic belly button. All corrected with a NuBody Tummy Tuck, not to mention recreation of the hourglass shape she had in her twenties. After photo taken 1 month post-surgery. The tape across the incision line is worn for 6 weeks to provide for optimal incision healing. The very low incision is easily concealed in her choice of under garment or bikini.

side by side before and after photos of a successful tummy tuck transformation-tuck-8

This mother of two in her early 40s had lost a lot of her baby weight, leaving stretched out skin as well as excess skin and fat. She was very happy with the flattening of her tummy, a new pretty belly button, and fitting back in her pre-baby clothes. After photo taken 2 months post-surgery.

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