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Miss J NuBody Concepts patient before and after picture breast augmentation

Miss J felt that over time her breasts were becoming more and more deflated and “
saggy.” She wanted a perkier look with increased volume. To address both issues, our plastic surgeon performed an augmentation with breast lift. She is only six months from surgery in these photos and you can hardly see her incisions. Miss J is beyond happy about her new look.

Miss E is a young woman who always felt like she was flat chested, which affected her feeling of femininity. Silicone implants gave her a much better self-image and she couldn’t be more pleased. We love making patients feel better in their own skin.

Miss P is a young woman who has always felt self-conscious about the small size of here breasts. She was a very good candidate for breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. Because she wanted to look as natural as possible while increasing volume, Dr. Greco placed the implants under the muscle. From the side angle, there is still a gentle slope of her breasts. She could not be more thrilled with her result.

Miss M is in her early thirties and was unhappy with both the deflation and asymmetry of her breasts, complaining that the left nipple was noticeably lower. Dr. Greco was able to address both her concerns with different augmentation techniques for each breast. We can always tell a patient is jubilant with her results when bikini lines are clearly visible!

miss cs new before and after of breast augmentation procedure

Miss C is a young woman who was happy with the shape of her breasts but wanted to be more voluptuous and have more volume in the upper part of her breast above the nipple. We were able to accomplish this and meet her aesthetic goals with silicone gel implants above the muscle. Miss C felt and looked fantastic the next day. She loves her new look.

15 breast-10 - Front and Side Views Breast Augmentation Before and After

This active mid-30s mother and career woman was unhappy with the size of her breasts. She felt they were not proportional to her figure and desired to feel more comfortable in a bikini. Dr. Greco performed an under-the-muscle augmentation with silicone implants. The patient could not be more happy with her results.

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