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“Before I got the procedure done, I’d be singing on staging and wouldn’t feel my most confident. I was wearing a lot of jackets and big stuff to sort of cover up my stomach. NuBody Concepts definitely changed that for me. I didn’t think the results that I’ve had would be so drastic. I looked at those pictures and thought that’s not me, but it totally was! I told my friends, I told my family, and now I’m telling you: Aqualipo will change your life.”

Abby Kasch, Nashville musician, Aqualipo 2/27/2019

Plastic Surgery Success Stories Told in Before and After Pictures

We take great satisfaction in the body contouring results our patients achieve. Nothing makes us happier than taking a patient’s after-picture during their follow-up appointment and seeing the difference, or a patient sending us their amazing snapshot in the bikini they hadn’t been able to wear in years.

Before and after pictures can tell a wonderful story, a story our staff at NuBody Concepts takes great pride in. Feeling good in your own skin can do wonders for your confidence, and plastic surgery can be a big contributor to feeling good. Whether you’ve had liposuction, breast surgery, a tummy tuck, a mommy makeover, a face lift, or a hair transplant – how good you feel about yourself after plastic surgery is often a result of what you see in your before and after pictures.

Shedding pounds is often not the best indicator of the success of your procedure. Liposuction in particular is not a weight loss program, contrary to common belief. Going down one or two pant sizes is a better validation of your procedure than weight loss. However, in some cases that may not be your goal either. Fat removal programs can be so targeted on particular areas of your body that the effects are more subtle, like getting rid of pesky bulges in the wrong places. You may not wear a different size shirt after your procedure, but you will definitely notice if the bra bulge or muffin top are gone.

We encourage you to carefully view the before and after pictures we’ve collected from our Nashville and Memphis patients to help you better imagine what your own after-picture might look like!

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