Plastic Surgery in Bartlett

Before and after pictures of woman who had breast augmentation at NuBody ConceptsNuBody Concepts plastic surgery has a proven track record of creating beautiful and long lasting results for patients in Bartlett and the greater Memphis area. One of our two nationally-renowned cosmetic surgery centers is located in nearby Germantown. Led by our board-certified plastic surgeon, our team provides a wide range of plastic surgery in Bartlett, from breast augmentation to tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, face lifts, and more. NuBody Concepts is one of the leading liposuction providers in Tennessee.

Innovative Options for Breast Augmentation in Bartlett

We make it easy for you to look beautiful. If you are looking for plastic surgery in Bartlett, NuBody Concepts is the right place for you. One of our most popular procedures is Breast Augmentation. Whether you get implants or a simple breast lift, it can help you boost your confidence with an improved self-image. Based on your body type and personal goals, our surgeon will help you determine the exact scope of your breast augmentation procedure. We also offer alternatives to breast surgery, such as our fat transfer procedure which uses fat extracted through liposuction from other parts of your body to enhance the volume of your breasts.


Minimally-Invasive Liposuction in Bartlett

Aqualipo body contouring exclusively at NuBody Concepts

If you want to eliminate belly fat, minimally-invasive liposuction is the answer. And the most experienced provider of liposuction in Bartlett is NuBody Concepts. We personalize our procedures to your body type and aesthetic goals, making sure we eliminate the most stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise. We pride ourselves in satisfying our clients by providing the best and least invasive treatment possible.

Whether it’s the ring around your midsection or your muffin top, love handles, bra bulges, or even male breasts, Aqualipo® is the best way to permanently rid your body of fat, without the need for invasive surgery. No questionable results and repeat treatments like you get with non-invasive methods such as fat freezing. Aqualipo gets the job done, and no one can do it better than the doctors who have collectively performed over 7,000 liposuction procedures in Tennessee.