Easily Tighten and Tone Your Body Through Liposuction

Are you unhappy with excess fat on your body that you just can’t seem to get rid of—even through regular diet and exercise? You’re not alone! Sometimes, even diet and exercise are just no match for our stubborn fat. Fortunately, there’s a gentle and innovative way to eliminate your unwanted fat for good. Using a unique waterjet technology, Aqualipo® effectively washes away and permanently removes your excess fat. Our experts have perfected this technique to help you get the sculpted body you deserve.

Benefits of Aqualipo® Over Other Liposuction Methods

Traditional methods of liposuction aggressively disrupt connective tissue, which can leave you with bruises and unevenly toned. Aqualipo, on the other hand, uses much less force, allowing us to dislodge and suction fat cells from your problem areas with greater accuracy. Because of this, there is less of a risk of traumatizing surrounding tissue, nerves, blood vessels, and septal attachments. Some of the notable benefits of Aqualipo over other methods of liposuction include:

  • Can be applied to any part of the body
  • No general anesthesia needed
  • Fewer medical risks
  • Minimal downtime and faster recovery
  • Less swelling and bruising
  • Better, longer-lasting results

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The NuBody Liposuction Difference

At NuBody Concepts, we believe that you deserve to love your body. We specialize in advanced treatments and surgical techniques to help you safely achieve the body you deserve. Our liposuction techniques offer reduced medical risks, recovery time, and overall cost—when compared to traditional methods of liposuction. As the only licensed Aqualipo® treatment center in the state of Tennessee and the #1 provider in the United States, NuBody Concepts has years of experience creating beautiful results. Schedule a personal consultation with us to learn how we can give you the superior, long-lasting results you desire.