What is SlimLipo?

SlimLipo® is a laser-assisted treatment to eliminate unwanted body fat. It uses essentially the same method as SmartLipo® by Cynosure, the technology we use at NuBody Concepts. Smartlipo was the first laser lipolysis system approved by the FDA in 2006, with SlimLipo following later. With either of these systems, a plastic surgeon can treat your belly, bra bulges, “muffin top,” inner and outer thighs, arms, neck, and other trouble spots. They are minimally-invasive procedures that can be performed under local anesthesia with a fast recovery.

SlimLipo and SmartLipo work best if they are combined with other liposuction methods. At NuBody Concepts, your plastic surgeon first uses a water-based liposuction method like the Body Jet to suction off larger amounts of fat in an area. He then follows up with the laser treatment to reach smaller amounts of stubborn fat, and to tighten the skin. We call this Aqualipo®, the body contouring procedure women and men throughout Tennessee have come to trust.

About NuBody Concepts

Dr. John Rosdeutscher, board-certified plastic surgeon at NuBody Concepts

Dr. John Rosdeutscher, NuBody Concepts Brentwood

NuBody Concepts plastic surgery helps women and men in Tennessee transform their bodies with liposuction, plastic surgery, and facial aesthetics. Our two teams in Nashville and Memphis always put their patients first and love to share their joy when they see their results.

Our double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Rosdeutscher has served the Nashville area for over 20 years with liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, facelifts, and mommy makeovers. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Peters has performed a wide range of plastic surgery and body contouring procedures for his patients in Louisiana before his relocation to Memphis.


How Does the SlimLipo Laser Work?

During a Smartlipo or SlimLipo treatment, your doctor inserts a very thin tube called cannula under your skin. This cannula contains tiny laser fibers that emit pulses of heat energy directly into the targeted fat cells as the surgeon gently moves the cannula back and forth. The laser energy destroys the fatty tissue in those fat cells (you could also think of it as melting the fat cells). The liquefied fat can then be suctioned off. After the fat is removed, the laser energy applied right under your skin stimulates the collagen. This helps the skin to contract and firm up. It’s this last step that is important for good liposuction results, like the finishing touch that makes everything come together.

The Benefits of Laser Lipolysis Treatments

Aqualipo liposuction review by NuBody Concepts patientwhite number in blue circleDue to the small size of the cannulas used to deliver the laser energy, both SmartLipo and SlimLipo are minimally-invasive procedures that do not cause any scarring.

white number in blue circleYour procedure is performed with a local anesthetic, combined with IV Sedation if necessary. General anesthesia is not needed.

white number in blue circleLaser Lipo causes little to no bruising or swelling. It is a very gentle procedure followed by a fast recovery.

Even smaller areas of fat can be effectively treated with laser lipolysis. These are areas we can treat:

  • bra bulges
  • lower or upper abdomen
  • double chin or jowls
  • muffin top
  • love handles
  • inner or outer thighs
  • arms