Non Invasive Fat Removal vs Minimally-Invasive Liposuction

When we think of non invasive liposuction or any non-invasive procedure, we think it should be pain-free, it should be easy, and it should leave no scars. In the field of plastic surgery, such procedures are naturally very popular. Why would we undergo invasive surgery with a potentially long recovery, if we can have the same outcome without any of that? If we want our fat removed, isn’t non invasive liposuction better than anything invasive? But the question is whether the outcome is in fact the same in all cases.

Let’s say you are looking for stomach fat removal. On the “invasive” end of the spectrum, you have liposuction combined with a tummy tuck. It’s by far the most effective way to remove unwanted fat and tighten your skin for a stunning flat belly. On the “non-invasive” end of the spectrum you have non invasive fat removal methods such as fat burning (Sculpsure) or fat freezing (CoolSculpting). These methods aim to reduce your fat in a series of recurring treatments, and the results are often much less clear. And  even these non-invasive treatments are known to be uncomfortable for some patients.

The Best of Both Worlds: Minimally-Invasive Liposuction

Between a tummy tuck (effective but invasive) and fat freezing (non-invasive but weak results) is what we view as the ideal solution to fat removal: Minimally-Invasive Liposuction. Minimally-invasive liposuction feels no different from non-invasive liposuction. It’s easy, enables a fast recovery, and leaves no scars. In fact, while patients have reported discomfort during fat freezing, minimally-invasive liposuction can be delivered entirely pain-free under local anesthesia. The only reason it is classified as a surgical procedure and can’t be called non-invasive liposuction has to do with the way it is typically performed: A tiny cannula is inserted under the skin so that the underlying fat cells can be dislodged and flushed out.

Aqualipo® by NuBody Concepts

Woman in panties from behind pinching her sides before liposuctionAqualipo is the Gold Standard in mimimally-invasive liposuction. It’s the most effective one-time treatment for permanent fat removal.  If  you are unhappy about excess fat that you just can’t get rid of with regular diet and exercise, Aqualipo is the answer. It combines water-based and laser liposuction to remove the most stubborn pockets of fat in almost any area of your body.

NuBody Concepts is the exclusive provider of Aqualipo in Tennessee with two conveniently located offices in Brentwood (Nashville) and Germantown (Memphis). We have performed so many Aqualipo procedures that we are the #1 Aqualipo provider in the United States. We have helped over 7,000 patients gain new confidence in their appearance with liposuction alone. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon also performs a full range of plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts, and more.

Whatever your body type, Aqualipo liposuction can get the job done and offers the following benefits over other surgical and non invasive methods:

  • Can be applied to any part of the body
  • Requires NO general anesthesia
  • Carries fewer medical risks
  • Requires only minimal downtime
  • Is completed in one single procedure
  • Causes only minimal swelling and bruising
  • Produces superior, longer-lasting results

In addition to these benefits, check out our incredible Aqualipo financing offer starting at $99/month!

Areas That Can Be Targeted With Liposuction

You may be in great shape with a reasonably flat tummy and still have areas of stubborn fat that bother you, like your thighs or bra bulges. You may think liposuction only works on large areas, such as the stomach, and that you need non-invasive liposuction or other non-invasive fat removal treatments for smaller ones. But this is not true. Minimally-invasive liposuction such as Aqualipo allows us to target virtually any area of your body, including those small but stubborn pockets of fat you might have given up on.

Get Aqualipo liposuction to target:

  • bra bulges
  • stomach
  • double chin or jowls
  • “muffin top”
  • “love handles”
  • “saddlebags”
  • thighs
  • arms
  • any other area with stubborn fat

“NuBody Concepts is a wonderful establishment that truly cares about its patients. They go the extra mile to provide realistic opportunities for clients who desire to enhance their appearance. They are professional, courteous, and supportive. You won’t be disappointed, so call today!”

Angela B.
Aqualipo 12/4/2017

Aqualipo® or Coolsculpting?

body sculpting with aqualipo: woman measuring her waist after gettingIf you’re looking for non invasive liposuction, you have probably heard of CoolSculpting. It is a heavily marketed treatment for fat reduction. It is based on a technology called cryolipolysis, which aims to freeze and squeeze your fat so that it can be naturally eliminated by your body over time. However, CoolSculpting has one major drawback: Your fat cells are not immediately gone after the procedure, and even after several repeat treatments the results can be underwhelming. Studies have even shown an increase in fast in some patients. Aqualipo and other minimally-invasive liposuction methods have shown to deliver better and much faster results.