Liposuction Nashville: Choose a Leading Provider

Are you struggling with stubborn body fat that refuses to go away despite diet and exercise? You’re not alone. Women and men of all ages are frustrated when all their efforts to reduce their waistline fall flat.

Fortunately there is Aqualipo®, the revolution in liposuction. There are many providers offering body contouring and liposuction services in the Nashville area, but NuBody Concepts is the only exclusive provider of Aqualipo in all of Tennessee. Our experienced plastic surgery team is led by a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has served patients in the Nashville area for over 20 years. We have helped over 7,000 patients regain their figure and their confidence. Find out how we can help you too!

The Aqualipo Difference

There are many different approaches to contouring your body. Most patients prefer to start out without surgery. In recent years, treatments such as Coolsculpting have become increasingly popular, promising to simply freeze away your fat.

While the idea of a non-invasive treatment is certainly attractive, we have found that we can get much better results with Aqualipo. Patients who have tried both agree. Take Carolyn. She tried CoolSculpting first, because she liked that it was non-invasive. But she didn’t see the results she wanted from it.

“I was really excited to try Aqualipo!”

Aqualipo body contouring exclusively at NuBody Concepts

Benefits of Aqualipo Liposuction in Nashville

white number in blue circleAqualipo requires less force than traditional liposuction methods and removes fat cells with greater accuracy and great-looking results.

white number in blue circleIt poses less risk of damage to surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and nerves, allowing for a fast recovery.

white number in blue circleAqualipo is one single minimally-invasive procedure and requires no repeat treatments.

white number in blue circleAqualipo requires no general anesthesia, allowing patients to be awake during their procedure.

Are you ready to get started with your body contouring journey? Take the first step and schedule a personal consultation with our plastic surgeon by following the link below.