Liposuction From a Leading Provider in Memphis

Are you struggling with excess body fat, no matter how hard you diet and exercise? You’re not alone. Men and women of all ages struggle with stubborn fat. Weight loss alone is often not sufficient to give you back your toned and youthful figure. Fortunately, there is Aqualipo®. Offered exclusively by NuBody Concepts to Memphis patients, Aqualipo liposuction can effectively and permanently get rid of your excess body fat.

The Aqualipo Difference

NuBody Concepts has helped countless women and men in the Memphis area regain a sense of confidence in their body with Aqualipo Liposuction – the revolutionized procedure that’s as gentle as the flow of water. Now available right in the heart of Germantown within easy reach of all of Greater Memphis.

Perhaps you shy away from surgery, even if it’s minimally-invasive with a short recovery? Most patients feel that way. But once they see their results, they typically regret not doing it earlier. Watch what Abby has to say about her Aqualipo procedure at NuBody Concepts.

Front view of Aqualipo Liposuction patient before and after her procedure at NuBody Concepts

Nashville musician and NuBody Concepts patient Abby before and 12 weeks after her Aqualipo procedure

“I didn't think it would be so drastic. I looked at those pictures and thought that's not me, but it totally was! I told my friends, I told my family, and now I'm telling you: Aqualipo will change your life.”

Abby K NuBody Concepts Aqualipo patient
Abby K.
Aqualipo 2/27/2019

Getting Started

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