Eliminate Your Problem Areas With Laser Lipo

Are you unhappy with pockets of unwanted fat that are hard to get rid of, even with diet and exercise? Whether it’s belly fat, bra rolls, or the extra padding on your thighs, laser liposuction is one of the safest and most proven ways to eliminate such problem areas. Laser Lipo (often referred to by its brand name, SmartLipo) uses targeted laser energy to loosen and remove unwanted fat without suction. In addition, it tones and tightens your skin. It is ideally suited to remove smaller remnants of fat after removal through other methods, such as water-jet liposuction.

Laser Lipo is one of several methods our plastic surgeons use for minimally-invasive body contouring. It is a part of our Aqualipo® procedure, a liposuction method offered exclusively by NuBody Concepts in Tennessee. Our plastic surgery team has performed over 7,000 of these procedures to help women and men regain confidence in their bodies. If you are looking for a Laser Lipo provider, learn more about Aqualipo by NuBody Concepts.

The Benefits of Laser Lipo for Body Contouring

The laser lipo technology uses a tiny laser fiber that is slightly larger than a hair to deliver laser energy to the target area. This means:

white number in blue circleThe procedure is so gentle that you’ll need very little sedation. General anesthesia is not necessary.

white number in blue circleThe small size of the laser fiber ensures that there is very little disruption of tissue or trauma.

white number in blue circleAvoiding heavy sedation and trauma results in a fast recovery. Most patients are back to regular activities within 1-2 days.

white number in blue circleA treatment with Laser Lipo has virtually no side effects.

What’s more, Laser Lipo is an affordable procedure. Interest-free financing offers apply. Financing planst start at $99/month!

What Areas Work Best for Laser Liposuction?

Laser Liposuction is a great way to target smaller, hard-to-reach areas of fat that you have trouble eliminating with other methods. Since our pricing is based on the number of areas you want treated, it’s good to understand what’s an area. The abdomen is divided into two areas – upper and lower. Your upper arms count as one area, as do your outer thighs, your inner thighs, and your bra bulges. You can also use laser liposuction effectively on your neck to eliminate a double chin or sagging jowls.

Learn more about our Aqualipo procedure on the following areas:

About the Plastic Surgery Team at NuBody Concepts

Dr. John Rosdeutscher, board-certified plastic surgeon at NuBody ConceptsThe NuBody Concepts surgery team, led by our double board-certified plastic surgeon, is committed to helping you look and feel your best. We have two convenient locations serving Tennessee patients, one in Brentwood for the greater Nashville area, and the other one in Germantown serving Memphis. We also offer travel packages for out-of-town patients.

Beyond liposuction and Laser Lipo, we offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures, such as tummy tucks, breast augmentations, mommy makeovers, and face lifts. If you want to look and feel great about your body, contact us to set up a personal consultation.