Aqualipo: The Revolution in Body Contouring

Aqualipo® is one of the best innovations in liposuction. It gives you an easy way to remove fat resistant to diet and exercise. It’s a one-time, minimally-invasive procedure that combines the gentle power of water with the latest in laser and radio frequency technology. Best of all, it removes the fat AND tightens the skin.

Aqualipo is brought to you exclusively by NuBody Concepts. We serve Tennessee patients at two fully-equipped plastic surgery practices in Brentwood (Nashville) and Germantown (Memphis), each staffed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience.

Why Aqualipo?

Aqualipo is a minimally-invasive liposuction procedure with the great results you typically only get with more invasive surgery. Here are the advantages you get with Aqualipo at NuBody Concepts:

white number in blue circleNo general anesthesia

white number in blue circleLow medical risk

white number in blue circleMinimal downtime, faster recovery

white number in blue circleAlmost no bruising, swelling, or disruption of tissue

white number in blue circleLasting results at an affordable price


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Abby’s Aqualipo Story

Live Life. Love Your Body.

“Before Aqualipo I would be singing on stage feeling at my lowest confidence. I’d be wearing a lot of jackets to cover up. NuBody Concepts definitely changed that for me.”

~ Abby Kasch, Nashville Musician

At NuBody Concepts, we have given thousands of women and men new confidence by helping them look good and feel great, like Abby. Watch the video to hear her story. If you are looking to boost your confidence, get started by scheduling a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon.

Aqualipo Pricing

Each Aqualipo procedure is priced based on the number of treated areas. Most areas that come in pairs count as one area: Your arms, your bra bulges, your love handles. Outer thighs count as one area, inner thighs count as another area. The abdomen is split up into two areas – upper abdomen and lower abdomen.

Areas to Target with Aqualipo

The most popular area for fat removal is the lower and upper abdomen. But Aqualipo can go far beyond just belly fat. It allows our surgeon to accurately target virtually any area of your body, even small areas of fat you might have given up on. Think of your “muffin top,” your “love handles,” “saddle bags,” belly, bra bulges, double chin or jowls, your thighs, your arms, even your knees. All of these trouble spots can be targeted with Aqualipo.

Liposuction Cost per Area

Our starting price for Aqualipo is $3,400 per area. Please note that this price is all-inclusive – no hidden fees or costs, such as surgeon fees or anesthesia costs. Each additional area that you add on to the first area is offered at a discounted price, according to the following schedule:

1 Area – $3,400

2 Areas – $4,900

3 Areas – $6,200

4 Areas – $7,500

Each individual is different, and final pricing depends on your personal circumstance. We will prepare a quote after an in-office consultation with our plastic surgeon.

We also offer financing plans starting at $99/month**. We assist with the application during your consultation.

Aqualipo® vs Coolsculpting

Live Life. Love Your Body.

When it comes to body contouring, there are alternatives to liposuction. CoolSculpting is one popular procedure for fat reduction. It targets your fat cells by freezing and squeezing them using a technology called Cryolipolysis. Over the course of the following weeks, your body naturally eliminates these fat cells. The drawback is that your fat cells are not immediately gone after the procedure, and repeat treatments may be needed. Compared to fat reduction with CoolSculpting, Aqualipo is proven to deliver better results, and faster.

In the video, NuBody Concepts patient Carolyn talks about her experience with both.

How Does Aqualipo Work?

At NuBody Concepts, each liposuction procedure is customized to best meet the individual needs of the patient. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Rosdeutscher uses various technologies for liposuction.

The Body Jet is used to remove larger amounts of fat cells. The water gently pulsating through the cannula keeps any trauma to surrounding tissue to a minimum. This means less bruising than with older forms of liposuction.

After the water jet, our surgeon typically uses laser lipo or radio frequency (RF) technology on any remnants of fat. The laser energy also helps tighten the skin. This last step is important to get optimal results.

Watch Dr. Rosdeutscher talk about Liposuction at NuBody Concepts

Each Aqualipo procedure typically lasts about 2 hours. This can vary with the number of treated areas. Most patients return back to their regular activities within 1-2 days of the procedure.

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