WaveSculpt Body Sculpting

The WaveSculpt process is an internationally proven non-invasive, body-contouring process that uses TriPollar radio frequency technology to safely and effectively reduce facial wrinkles, cellulite and unwanted fat pockets. Patients see results after the first treatment! The “walk-in, walk-out” procedure causes NO downtime, allowing you to get back to your daily routine immediately after a treatment.

Benefits of WaveSculpt

• Results are visible after the first treatment
• Excellent long-term results after a number of treatments
• Non-invasive
• Safe and pleasant
• Can resume their daily routine immediately after treatment

How Does WaveSculpt work?

WaveSculpt uses a third-generation Tripollar radio frequency technology. Radio frequency has been used in medicine for more than 75 years. It safely and effectively heats tissue by passing electrical currents using electrodes at specific frequencies. The advance in the Tripollar technology allows us to focus the radio frequencies between three or more electrodes and to limit the energy only to the treatment area. As a result, the radio frequency penetrate at various depths simultaneously heating both the dermis and hypodermis, which are the two levels of skin below the top layer, without injuring the skin. Treatment of both the superficial and deeper skin layers contracts collagen fibers, helps regenerate new collagen and shrinks fats cells.

What to expect during the WaveSculpt treatment

The WaveSculpt procedure is very comfortable, in fact, some of our patients compare it to a warm stone massage. We do the treatment in our very own NuBody Tranquility Room, this is similar to a massage room. Our procedure bed is heated to your comfort, there is low lighting, even a slight sound of water trickling. We do the work and beautify you while you relax. The WaveSculpt procedure takes 30-40 minutes and you are able to resume activities immediately after

What areas can the WaveSculpt be done on?

We can treat any area that needs tightening, toning or smoothing. WaveSculpt is fantastic for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles on the face, tightening up chin or neck areas or you can treat larger areas that need more sculpting and firming like abs, hips, legs and even buttocks. There is no limit to how many areas you can treat in one setting.

“WaveSculpt is unlike any treatment I have ever had…..I slept through most of it and woke up looking younger, what can be better?”
Brentwood NuBody Patient

“I have had six WaveSculpt treatments and I am just getting started, I started with my face and am working my way down!”
Memphis NuBody Patient

“I saw a difference after only two treatments, my husband asked me if I had been working out”
Memphis NuBody Patient

“The Tranquility room is amazing, it’s my own personal hour escape once a week, something I do to feel and look better…”
Brentwood NuBody Patient

“I never thought I would find something so easy to tighten the loose skin under my chin, I was always told I needed surgery…..I’m so glad I found NuBody Concepts, the staff is amazing…”
Brentwood NuBody Patient