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The main thing was no down time. I have two small children and I was not in the place looking to have a medical procedure where I had anesthesia and down time.


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“I decided to get Aqualipo® because of my fat that wouldn’t go away with dieting and exercising. Nothing mattered, it just was stubborn fat in the belly area.  The procedure was quite easy, the music overhead was soothing, the staff was just wonderful.  They kept in mind and asked me over and over if everything was ok.  I didn’t have any down time. 


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“You know that part of your body that your hands go to, and that every time you feel it or you think of that part of your body, you feel bad and you just wish it would go away. Aqualipo® means it can go away.  You get to walk out and you have a different body.”


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“I came to NuBody Concepts because I was struggling a little bit with my self-image after having four kids, and I really just wanted my body back. I was in and out in an afternoon, it was actually very simple fairly pain free procedure. I feel great about myself and I was able to put on a pair of jeans that I wore when I was sixteen. “


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Before I had aqualipo® I felt I was caring around a spare tire around my waste.  I was exercising four miles a day, on a treadmill, four times a week and I was getting nowhere with my waste line. When I saw the sign for NuBody Concepts I decided to give it a try….



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I chose to have Aqualipo® because I wanted to get back into some of my t-shirts I haven’t been able to wear for two years. I tried to workout but there were certain parts of my stomach that wouldn’t go away. The procedure wasn’t painful. They ended the process and I couldn’t feel anything.  It’s not like your typical doctors office……


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